English Cooking Verbs // How to Poach an Egg! 🍳


In the very first mmmEnglish Video Lesson, Emma introduces some simple cooking verbs. She’s making a very simple breakfast dish to demonstrate these verbs – it’s called poached eggs on toast!! The best way to learn new words is in the context of a larger story, so enjoy watching and then practice by making your own eggs at home! 🙂

In this video you will:

– Learn over 15 cooking verbs.
– Hear the imperative form (used when giving instructions in English)
– Meet Emma!! Your native English teacher 🙂

mmmEnglish Video Lessons are a series of videos that focus on English in daily life. You can watch them on your computer, phone or tablet. They are only short, so you can watch them again and again! Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to receive updated as new videos are released!

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