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In this video we’ll look at English words related to clothes! Some of these are very basic (T-shirt, jacket, etc.) and some are more advanced (seam, cuff, brim, creased, etc.).

We’ll look at both British and American vocabulary for clothing.

English with Max

Learn different words for types of male and female underwear!

Remember to turn on the subtitles if you don’t understand everything.

This is vocabulary that you don’t normally learn in a classroom, but it can be very useful if you have to go shopping in an English-speaking country.

Vocabulary list:
underwear (1:09)
underpants (1:54)
pants (2:40)
bra, brassiere (3:22)
T-shirt bra (4:13)
strapless bra (4:29)
boob tube (4:56)
panties, knickers, briefs (5:12)
G-string, thong (6:42)
boxer shorts, boxers (8:40)
briefs (8:57)
trunks (9:12)
boxer briefs (9:20)
Y-fronts, fly fronts, (9:38)
long johns (9:55)

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