🇮🇷 Persian Food Guide: 3 of the most Popular Traditional Dishes in Iran 🇮🇷

Seasoned Traveller

Persian food is a mouth-watering mix of history layered with surprising ingredients that stands out among Middle Eastern cuisines. Join me as I #EatCuriously in iso and travel to Iran from my living room floor!

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Lockdown is the perfect time to try Persian food, an ancient cuisine developed in royal courts and palaces that’s spiked with spice, fresh herbs, slow-cooked meats and dried fruit.

In this video I visit Persian Room 248 in South Yarra, Melbourne, and bring home three delicious Iranian dishes to put to the test. If you’re fasting during Ramadan, best wait until after sunset to watch or it will make you hungry!

Persian dishes featured:
» Ash reshteh
» Ghormeh sabzi
» Fesenjan

Restaurant featured:
Persian Room 248
248 Toorak Road, South Yarra,

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