How to make Pan seared salmon + lemon butter sauce

Kitchen Basics

pan seared salmon with lemon butter sauce.Crispy and juicy roasted salmon in a cast iron pan.Salmon with skin fried in the pan with a lemon butter sauce. Salmon crispy and juicy fried on the skin. So you can succeed in fried pan salmon with skin. The salmon fillet is fried crispy and remains wonderfully juicy.
Here is the list of ingredients for the fried salmon with skin

2 salmon fillet – approx. 300 g per salmon fillet – both
together approx. 600 g – one salmon fillet per person.
150 g cold butter
1 lemon – of which the lemon juice
1 small clove of garlic – cut very finely
1 tbsp parsley – finely chopped

Salt and pepper to season, to fry a highly heatable frying oil.

– the salmon must be at room temperature
– the salmon must be really dry
– Season the salmon on the “meat” side with salt and pepper
– the “meat” side – the seasoned side is fried first
– the salmon must be placed in the hot pan – with a medium one
Temperature from the stove
– do not move the salmon for 3 minutes
– after about 3 minutes turn the salmon – now the skin side
down in the pan
– switch off the stove and fry the salmon with the residual heat from the
stove for 3 minutes
– after turning the salmon start immediately with the lemon butter sauce
– the lemon butter sauce is ready in 3 minutes when all the
ingredients stand ready
– the salmon can now be served

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