Dubai’s Crazy Underwater Train and Other Things #Only in Dubai

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No matter how much money a country has none of them has the futuristic feel of Dubai. Whether it’s rotating skyscrapers or floating trains, somethings are found only in Dubai.

1 Aladdin city
Consisting of 3 lamp-like towers, each around 30 storeys in height, this complex includes office space, hotels, and parking. Each building is connected with snakelike bridges with air conditioning and moving floors.

2 Museum of the future
The 9 storey building is shaped like an eye that represents our vision of the future, with an auditorium, food and beverage deck and 6 exhibition floors showing anything from climate change innovation, smart city inventions, and A.I. It may sound like an oxymoron but the museum of the future is a thing of the present.

3 Burj Khalifa
828 metres tall, 163 floors, it’s the worlds tallest skyscraper. It also has the elevator with the longest travel distance, the most floors, the highest outdoor observation deck and the highest occupied floor.

4 Hyperloop
Dubai proposes to construct a high-speed train link under the Arabic sea to Mumbai, a total distance of 1,862 km away. The train will cover this distance in two hours, that’s approximately 580 miles an hour. The trains will travel in tunnels just under the surface of the sea suspended from a network of floating rigs. So now we can get seasick on a train!

5 Burj al Arab
The worlds first 7-star hotel, This sail-like building sits on its own man-made island. It has 202 rooms ranging in price from 2000 to 24 thousand dollars a night.

6 Dynamic tower
420 metres tall, with 80 storeys all formed around a central column which allows each floor to rotate independently of the others. Occupants will able to choose the speed and direction of rotation, and an entire 360-degree rotation will take 90 minutes.

7 Dubai creek tower
Currently, under construction, the Dubai creek tower’s estimated height is 1300 metres. The building will include 10 viewing platforms some of which will rotate, offices, residences, restaurants and sky gardens inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon.

8 Man-Made islands
Whether its the palm tree, the world map or the newly built seahorse island maybe one of the most iconic things in Dubai are its man-made islands. These icons don’t come cheap though, the palm tree islands alone cost over 12 billion dollars to make.

9 Dubai frame
In order to showcase everything we’ve mentioned, Dubai built the “Dubai frame”. Resembling a picture frame this 150-metre tall building is designed so that whilst looking through one side you can see modern-day Dubai while from the other side the older more traditional Dubai can be seen. Dubai’s elaborate way of not losing track of its roots.

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