TEHRAN / Fereshteh Street walking tour 2021

The most famous part of Elahie district is Fereshteh Street, which has been the most expensive street in Tehran. This is where the newest buildings and many fashionable locales, including top-end shops and chichi cafes, can be found. Fereshteh used to be one of the most quiet, peaceful and greenest part of northern Tehran with vast gardens but has seen significant development and real estate investment after the Islamic revolution, especially during a construction boom in the 1990s, when Gholamhossein Karbaschi and Ghalibaaf served as mayor of Tehran. During this boom, many of the huge gardens and large houses were replaced with the most fashionable high rises which has increased the population of this area significantly. This has caused problems for narrow alleys around this area; the traffic often gets gridlocked on summer nights.

In the book The Ayatollah Begs to Differ, Hooman Majd says that Elahieh is one of Tehran’s “most fashionable districts” in Tehran, since this area included big gardens and mansions with eye catching architecture designs. It was perhaps the greenest part of northern Tehran as it was receiving most of mountain waters. The highest part of Elahieh had the most beautiful and scenic garden view in northern Tehran.

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