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در این ویدیو بازار تجریش را طی میکنیم امیدوارم از این ویدیو لذت ببرید.
اگر به ویدیوهایی در این زمینه علاقمند هستید لطفا در کانال عضو شوید.

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Tajrish has an old bazaar and a mausoleum called Imam Zadeh Saleh, both popular tourist spots.

Tajrish Square is currently one of the busiest parts of Tehran, with bus terminals, cab terminals, and shopping malls including the popular Tandis Center. The square is where Valiasr Street terminates. Valiasr is the longest and, along with Shariati Avenue, one of the most important streets in Tehran. It is also one of the busiest transportation hubs in Tehran. Many other suburbs are accessible from this square. A major metro station, the northern terminus of line one (the red line) is located here.

Tajrish is at the junction of streets that lead to Saad Abad Palace, Velenjak, Asad Abad, Zafaraniyeh, Elahieh, and Niavaran as well as many of the other places in northern Tehran.

The traditional bazaar of Tajrish neighborhood will be renovated over 18 months at an estimated cost of about 28 billion rials.

The Deputy head of Tehran Beautification Organization for technical affairs, announced that the bazaar is close to Emamzadeh Saleh Mausoleum as well as Velenjak, Darband and Darakeh mountain resorts and its renovation is a top priority for Tehran Beautification Organization. The official noted that the project will include reconstruction of the traditional market using both traditional and modern styles, wastewater collection, power, gas, telecommunication installations, as well as repair of small and large shops and passageways.

Tajrish bazaar has been built according to architectural style which closely resembles the traditional bazaar located in downtown Tehran. Some of its arches have been destroyed due to construction of multi-story buildings and its traditional identity has been threatened by irregularity of window shops and external view of new stores. “According to ratification by Tehran Municipality, the bazaar will be organized according to a new plan which will be implemented in cooperation with Tehran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. ” The official further stated that the project will take 18 solar months and the cost of organizing this economic and trade center in north Tehran has been estimated at about 28 billion rials.

Tajrish bazaar includes a roofed passageway through which thousands of people pass en route to paying pilgrimage to Emamzadeh Saleh or to the Bazaar for purchasing goods.

بازار تجریش بازاری سرپوشیده در میدان تجریش، تهران است. این بازار از یک طرف به میدان تجریش، از سمت دیگر به امامزاده صالح و کوچه‌های اطراف آن راه دسترسی دارد. بازار تجریش از جمله قدیمی‌ترین مراکز خرید شمیران بوده و همچنان بافت قدیمی خود را حفظ کرده به طوری که‌ حجره‌های معروف و قدیمی بازار هویت خود را از دست نداده‌اند. این بازار که در واقع نمونه کوچکی از بازار تهران است‌، به صورت سرپوشیده ساخته شده و دو محله سرپل و تجریش را به هم وصل می‌کند.تکیه بزرگ تجریش یکی از قدیمی‌ترین تکیه‌های شهر تهران در این بازار واقع شده است. بازار تجریش مثل بازارهای سنتی دارای مسجد و حسینیه است و از سوق‌های کوچکی تشکیل شده‌. این بازار همچنین دارای یک میدان سرپوشیده میوه و تره‌‌بار است.

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