how to make Homemade Iranian Barbari Flat Bread

ادامه خواندنhow to make Homemade Iranian Barbari Flat Bread

Heghineh Cooking Show – Homemade Iranian Barbari – Flat Bread Recipe

Another great tasting flat bread recipe. This time from Iranian traditional bread: Barbari, one of my favorites, I’d say most Armenian bakeries bake Barbari and it’s so delicious that I decided to give it a try and make the homemade version.Barbari has a slight resemblance with Armenian Matnakash ,but it’s so much simpler in making and tastes quite different due to the fact that it’s got sesame seeds which gives the bread a specific taste and look. Recipe is pretty basic and there’s no way to fail it:) (بیشتر…)

How to Make Iranian Iskender Kebab

ادامه خواندنHow to Make Iranian Iskender Kebab

This recipe was taken from centuries old cooking techniques and when possible applied modern cooking methods and/or ingredients.  It uses Asian cooking styles, Asian Spices, Asian Sauces and Asian Ingredients.  The style of cooking may have a slight alteration while still maintaining the dish’s overall purpose.  In this blog we touch on recipes that may be predominant for the Chinese Cuisines.  We will also share recipes based upon country, or regions such as: Burma, Cambodia, Indian, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam.  Some cuisines are considered South Asian, South East Asian dishes, Central Asian and/or Middle Eastern and may not be strictly connected to a specific country or culture.

علی زند وکیلی فصل زرد با متن ترانه

ادامه خواندنعلی زند وکیلی فصل زرد با متن ترانه

متن آهنگ فصل زرد علی زند وکیلی
از اینجا میروم روزی تو میمانی و فصلی زرد بگو با این خزان آرزوهایم چه خواهی کرد
از اینجا میروم شاید همین امروز یا فردا تو خواهی ماند تنها در حصار خشت هایی سرد خشت هایی سرد
از اینجا میروم تا شهر فرداهای نامعلوم که آنجا سرنوشتم هر چه پیش آورد پیش آورد
از اینجا میروم اینجا کسی آیین باور نیست که دارد آسمانش سنگ میبارد زمینش گرد (بیشتر…)