Persian Chicken Kabobs Recipe

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This grilled chicken kabobs recipe comes out just as good as if you went to a Persian Restaurant. First, you will need to prepare chicken kabobs marinade and let the chicken marinade in the fridge for at least four hours. Let the chicken get to the room temperature before getting the chicken on the skewers. The coals need to be white hot, and the chicken will cook through pretty quickly. This is a very delicious recipe, and the chicken kabobs become very tender due to the chicken kabobs marinade. We hope you enjoy this recipe!

1.5 lb chicken breast;
1tbsp of salt;
1tsp of paprika;
1tsp of turmeric;
.5 tsp of saffron;
.5 tsp of pepper;
3/4 cup of olive oil;
3/4 cup of lime juice;
1.5 tsp of Greek yogurt;
half an onion.

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