Persian Learning

Subtitles in English and Persian available, turn youtube captions on
Elena Zivdar from Belarus speaks Persian/Farsi fluently. She started learning Persian/Farsi 10 years ago in Belarus, then she went to participate in a Persian learning course in Iran. After that, she married an Iranian and lived 1.5 years in Iran. Later she launched her Youtube channel in Persian, she makes videos on Persian music reactions and vlogs. I interviewed this Persian learner and asked her why and how she learned Persian, how was her life in Iran, etc. She also talks about Iranian people, Iranian culture, Persian food, etc.

00:00​ Video Introduction
00:46 Elena Zivdar from Belarus
01:04​ How did you learn Persian?
01:31​ Why did you learn Persian?
02:29​ Was it an easy decision to take a Persian course in Iran`?
03:12 Free Persian course in Iranian universities
03:50 Is it easy to learn Persian?
04:43 Why did you launch a Youtube channel in Persian music reaction?
05:39​ How did you marry an Iranian?
06:58 Strange Iranian culture (Iranian taarof)
08:18 How are the Iranian people?
08:58​ Did you live in Iran?
08:31​ Do you like traveling to Iran?
10:00 What do you like about Iran and Iranians?
11:05​ Iranians are happy
11:31​ Beautiful Persian words?
12:22 Persian words with difficult pronunciation
12:59 can you cook Iranian food?
13:38​ Best Persian food?
13:55​ Do people in Belarus like Iranian food?
14:14​ Common words in Russian/Persian
14:49​ Persian/Russian superstitions

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