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In this video, We still have a different tour of Istanbul City
Today, from the third series of food tour videos, we are going to go to different parts of Istanbul and enjoy Most Delicious Turkish food, desserts and sweets together.
We started in the morning and Turkish breakfast to start a good day
From the delicious kebabs of Istanbul City in the streets of Istiklal Street, from the famous and very popular Turkish baklava, from the street stalls selling simit and grilled corn to the very popular and delicious tantuni sandwich, we tested it all so that we could have a very good tour of very tasty food. Have a popular Turkish
In this video, we tested 15 foods, desserts and sweets. We hope you enjoy watching this video as well.
Wherever you go in Istanbul City you can find popular and delicious street food
Istanbul is a city where you can enjoy delicious food at a reasonable and economical price
The Most Delicious Turkish Street Food In Istanbul City 2021|4k UHD 60fps

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Video Time:
00:00​ Intro
01:35​ Turkish Breakfast
05:08​ Baklava
08:53​ Kumpir
14:08​ Chesnut & Corn
17:27​ Borek and Pide
19:24​ MeatBall Sandwich
23:51​ Turkish Kebab
28:25​ Tantuni
31:19​ Lokma
32:20​ Simit
35:00​ Gozleme

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