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Hello ~~ ^^
I’m Boone Bake.

The theme of this video is this.

No oven, no gelatin, no machine
Easy and delicious ~~
Homemade healthy ice cream bar ~

I have anxiety about food that I buy and eat outside these days …
Homemade ice cream that blows away anxiety of not knowing what’s in it ~~

How about making safe ice cream for your loved ones ~?
Besides, the taste
It’s really delicious.
How does it taste fine … haha

If you make it, it is a recipe that will be praised by your family ~

Let’s start ~~

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* Ingredients / ingredients

(7cm * 4cm ice cream, 16 bars)

● Condensed milk vanilla ice cream
2 yolks
20g sugar
95g milk
1/2 vanilla bean
50g white chocolate
140g condensed milk
200g fresh cream (Heavy Cream, Whipping Cream)

50g raspberry jam
50g grape jam
(You can replace it with your favorite jam ~)

♥ Chocolate Glasage

300 g dark chocolate
48g grapeseed oil (or canola oil,) (Olive oil, x)
50 g chopped almonds

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