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I had read about Budapest having one of the best Chinatown’s and largest Chinese populations in Europe, and so I was excited to visit Chinatown Budapest, and especially to eat Chinese food. #Budapest #Hungary #ChineseFood

We had been traveling in Europe already for about a month and I was ready and excited to eat Chinese food!

From the riverside area of Budapest we took a taxi directly to Chinatown – actually directly to a Chinese restaurant I wanted to eat at. Chinatown is about 5 km from the center of the city. What surprised me about Chinatown Budapest is that it’s very industrial – sprawling markets and warehouses, importers and exporters. And then there’s plenty of Chinese restaurants everywhere you look.

Hehe Chinese Restaurant – We headed straight to Hehe Chinese restaurant, a well established Chinese food restaurant in Budapest. They had a takeaway food counter with prepared food – just like in China – and they had a full menu. Their bowls of noodles looked really good. But we ordered from the menu, mapo tofu, cabbage with pork, hot and sour soup, and a Sichuan style fried chicken with chilies. The food was delicious, even better than I had imagined or thought it would be. The taste of the food was just like being in China. The total price for our meal came to 9,100 HUF ($27.75 USD).

It was great to visit Chinatown in Budapest, Hungary, and especially to have Chinese food. For me, it was the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten in Europe.

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