Mark Wiens

Danube Delta, Romania – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Danube Delta was one of the destinations I was most looking forward to visiting on my trip to Romania. It’s a stunningly beautiful place, teeming with delicious fish from the Danube River and the Black Sea. #Romania #DanubeDelta #Food

Green Village Resort – First of all a huge thank you to Green Village Resort for hosting us and for arranging this entire amazing Danube Delta experience in Romania.

We arrived in the evening, and started with an incredible seafood fish feast at the resort before calling it a night.

In the morning we got on a boat for breakfast, tried fishing without any luck, and ended up in a narrow waterway in the beautiful Danube Delta for breakfast. The smoked fish and smashed onions were the highlight.

Fisherman soup – For lunch, we made a huge pot of local style Danube Delta fish soup.

King of Romanian Seafood at La Mache – Finally to end this incredible Romanian seafood tour of the Danube Delta we drove to a restaurant called La Mache. I had no idea what to expect. Turned out to be a full show of fish and seafood from the Black Sea and the Danube Delta and one of the most spectacular meals of my entire trip to Romania.

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